The Ultimate School Festival Entertainment Show Tour by GACKT, [Camui Gakuen de MatomenaSai] kicked off on 29 November (Sat) at Aichi Port Messe Nagoya.

 神威♂楽園(Camui Gakuen) is a fictional school where、“the Young Master of Camui Conglomerate who loves GACKT” and looks like GACKT, Camui Gakuto, presides as the Student Council President. The event was organised with the motto: 「Play with abandon, work your hardest, dive headfirst into everything with all your energy」. The Gakuen (School) Fest, is where Camui Gakuto and GACKT’s band members and dancers form “F9” and showoff their skits and cover songs in full glory.

 Also, from the audience to the staff members (of course including the reporters!) are all dressed in school uniforms as per the dress code. In the event venue, the “Sales Department” sells goods which can only be obtained in this event, and there is also an eating area called the “Gakusei Shokkudo” (Student Cafeteria). Furthermore, besides each performance having its own Mr-Miss Camui Gakuen Pageant, the event venue is decorated with life-sized standees of the Student Council President and the members of F9 that allows you to have fun snapping as many photos with them as you want.

 The first part of the performance started with opening remarks, singing the Camui Gakuen school song, Principal Kamei’s speech, and finally the Student Council President of Camui Gakuen, Camui Gakuto appears. With a smile on his face, Camui Gakuto leisurely strolls along the red carpet laid out in the middle aisle and approaches the stage. Because there is a rule about remaining ladylike, the students kept to their seats and welcomed him with greetings like “Seito Kaicho! (Student Council President)” or “Gokigenyo!” Ahh, Student Council President looks impeccable today too…

 Following the announcement of the winners of the Mr-Miss Camui Gakuen Pageant as mentioned before, was the Variety Corner by the F9. This year, we watched the Student Council President endure the severe pain of a foot reflexology session, F9 members kissing each other, and a punishment game.

 And finally, we finally dived into the main musical program of a live performed by the LIght Music Club. Following the theme of “MatomenaSai” (i.e. to summarize) this year, they picked songs that they have previously covered to perform. In addition, since there are 2 types of set lists having been prepared, the songs that will be played at any given venue can be different. Today’s set list is called “神ver.” (Kami version).

 Here, with the Student Council President as the vocalist of the LIght Music Club’s “SUPER EXCELLENT HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS IN JAPAN”, 「SEX JAPAN」 for short, they performed numbers from T.M.Revolution, LUNA SEA, THE BLUE HEARTS, L’Arc~en~Ciel and others “with all their energy”. In addition, during the cover of X JAPAN’s song、the Student Council President showed off his drum skills dressed like the topless YOSHIKI、and at the same time, the did a perfect copy of AKB48’s 「Heavy Rotation」 while dressed up as girls. The level of great quality is worth special mention! They showed us exactly what is means to 「Play with abandon, work your hardest, dive headfirst into everything with all your energy」.

 【Camui ♂ Gakuen de MatomenaSai】 has only 3 more runs left. If you’re dressed in a school uniform, be unabashed, why not go through the doors of Camui Gakuen to where the Student Council President awaits. Please note that Excite Music will also be reporting about the 14 December (Sunday) performance at Chiba Port Arena after the tour ends, so please do look forward to it.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team