《Message from Executive Committee〜 Introducing Recommended goods♪ ④》

Hello students, Gokigenyo〜♪
Here’s a message from the executive committee〜

I’ve got my hands on some information of goods to be sold at
The Camui♂GACKT de Matomena Sai’s sales club starting this weekend,
So, here’s a little heads-up^^

Guess what, here’s a chance to get 1st to 3rd rate prizes!?

『Deka-Tin Badge』

Tin Badges, comes in 20 different types!!
With diameters 7.5cm, and 10cm, mixed up and sold randomly!
If the「ATARI」 Tin-Badge is mixed inside,
It’s your chance to get hold of 1st to 3rd ranked prizes

Collect them all, and stick them onto your bag or hooded jackets♪

At last, you’ll be able to see them for real tomorrow\(*^▽^*)/YEAH♪
Aside from the goods introduced, there’s plenty of goodies to race for!
Keep on the lookout for them☆

Well then, Gokigenyo〜


Source: GACKT Official Facebook