Gakuen Fest Ms-Mr Camui Gakuen

**Update on our pla~ns <3**

GACKT Official LINE Branch School studenys, gokigenyo~

GACKT’s [Adults playing with abandon!] “Camui Gakuen de MatomenaSai” is finally starting on the 29th (Sat) at Port Messe Nagoya Hall 1.
Students, have you prepared yourselves~??

This time around as well, we will be holding Ms-Mr Camui Gaken via the GACKT Official LINE.
The chosen Ms-Mr’s will be able to receive something wonderful from the GACKT-like Student Council President
Soon after application times end, won’t you feel excited waiting for your name to be called!

Those who nominate will get a W Chance!?
It appears that a special Facebook Jury Prize will be given away!!
The winners will receive from us a pair of tickets tk beloved GACKT-sama’s stage play [ Moon Saga Special Chapter “Yoshitsune Hot Blooded School Life” -Chapter 2] ~
There’s no reason to not participate in this right!!

The entry timing for tomorrow’s Nagoya School Branch is between 11:30~13:00.
Please check out the instructions below to take part!

1. When [GACKT Official LINE] page goes “ON AIR”, you may begin applying.
2. Interested participant should visit the on-site Official Entry Panel and fill in the blanks with your participation number, name and seat number, before taking a photo.
3. Photo, registration number and full name should be texted to the GACKT Official LINE.

*You may use any platform for your sent photo. E.g. sns, blog, twitter etc.

Ms-Mr Camui Gakuen for the day will be announced on the same day by the GACKT-like Student Council President!

Who will be the Ms-Mr?!
We excitedly await your entries!!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team