At the moment, in conjunction with the start of [Camui Gakuen de MatomenaSai] on 29 November (Sat), GACKT has left his social media pages to the Gakuen Staff which has created a talking point with the image of the men in drag.

<Camui♂Gakuen de MatomenaSai>

The immediate focus is which one of them is GACKT. Because it is quite difficult to discern, the popular guess now is that he is the left most, and it has become quite the attention grabber. Their individual photos will be fully released today, 28 November (Fri) on the official Facebook at 10:00 (Japan time).

The whole group has challenged themselves to bring out the feminity in themselves for the shoot but, it is hard to tell who is who from the image. Getting fired up, and awakening the women in themselves, those who were taking part for the first time commented “(I’ve carelessly said this many times until now but) from here on out I’ll definitely never call another woman ugly”.

During the live of [Camui Gakuen de MatomenaSai] which kicks of tomorrow starting with the Nagoya Performance, the men in drag will be performing.

Camui♂Gakuen Official Site
Camui♂Gakuen Official Facebook

Source: Barks.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team