《Message from Executive Committee〜 Introducing Recommended goods♪ ③》

Hello students, Gokigenyo〜♪

Here’s a message from the executive committee〜

I’ve got my hands on some information of goods to be sold at

The Camui♂GACKT de Matomena Sai’s sales club starting this weekend,

So, here’s a little heads-up^^

Surprise, a big renewal for this year!

『Official School Bag』

This material feel is great!

It’s just so fluffy to touch, fluffy!O(≧▽≦)O

What? You don’t get it??

Well, if it comes down to that, there’s no choice but to go take a look.

Anyway, rush down to the sales club!!

Well then, Gokigenyo〜♪


Source: GACKT Official Facebook