《Message from your Executive Committee〜》

Hello students, Gokigenyo〜♪

Your Executive Committee〜♥ has some surprising news for you!!

Camui♂Gakuen de Matomena Sai, starting this weekend!

This year’s F9 senior members were also announced the other day!

For students that missed out on seeing it, check it out here♪


We’re scheming all sorts of stuff this year as well… stuff like this, and stuff like that..ψ(`∇´)ψ

And! In the midst of that!!!

Executive Committee〜♥gets their hands on a precious photo!!!!!

Guess what!!!

All F9 members dressed up as women!?!?!?

What a brilliant one!

Today just for all students keeping up with the Facebook Page,

We’ll be giving a little peek of a portion!

Your executive Committee〜♥ was also taken by surprise at their overwhelming femininity!!!!

You’d be brilliant if you could get all F9 members’ names correct from this!

Answers to be announced tomorrow!!

How many will you get correct!?

Stay tuned☆

Well then, Gokigenyo〜♪


source: GACKT Official Facebook