1st Update

Membership cards are being sent out

The membership cards for new members who have been accepted during 15 September 2014 ~ 16 August 2014 have been sent out.

*Please do contact us during the non-arrival period.

If you do so after this period has passed, please understand that we will charge 700yen for re-sending of the card.

* If you want to change the name printed on your membership card, please follow the instructions under ‘Procedure for Re-issuance of Membership Card’ enclosed in the ‘Information’ set.

2nd Update

Notice of Birthday Cards being sent out

The birthday cards for members born in the month of November have been sent out.

If you did not receive your cards by 17-18 November, please call G&LOVERS.

3rd Update

GACKT x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra 2 [An Evening of Classical Splendor] 3 times entry begins on 7 November (Fri)!

The moving concert which featured GACKT and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra last year end will be brought to life this year as well!

Like last year, GACKT will select songs from his own repertoire which will be rearranged for and performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. He will perform his songs with the orchestra providing the music as well.

Please do come and experience the on-day only event and be immersed in GACKT’s luxurious and brilliant dream scape.


Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall


Date: 26 December 2014 (Fri)

(Noon) Doors open 13:30 Performance begins 14:00

(Evening) Doors open 18:30 Performance begins 19:00


Designated seats – Including tax 25,000yen (includes gift)

*Pre-school children are not allowed into the venue.

*For customers in wheelchairs, please make your purchases/inquiries with Ubon.


* To make your bookings via PC or phone, an E-Plus account (free) is required.

If you already have an E-Plus account, it is recommended to confirm your registration status before bookings.

* Other charges aside from the price of the ticket may apply. Please check your payment details when confirming your bookings.

* For more details please refer to the E-Plus bookings page (PC or phone)

* Please do not bring recording devices or cameras into the venue.

* There is no washroom as well.

At the same time, please try not to trouble other members of the audience if you are leaving the hall.

* At the venue, there is a cloakroom for your use (free).

[3 times bookings via WEB or calling]

Applicants have to be members of G&LOVERS by 15 October 2014 to qualify.

*Settlement will be via credit card.

Application date: 7 Nov 2014 (Fri) 12:00~ 12 Nov 2014 (Wed) 18:00

Ballot results release date: 20 Nov 2014 (Thu) 13:00 ~ 25 Nov 2014 (Tue) 18:00

*Immediate payment is required when the results are confirmed.

[How to Apply]


– GACKT fanclub 3 Times Web Application Site: here (PC/Smartphone/Handphone)


– GACKT fanclub 3 Times Web Application Phoneline: 0570-06-9902 (24 hours recorded service)


[About application – E-Plus: E-Plus Customer service]

0570-06-9919 (Operating hours 10:00〜18:00 excluding weekends and public holidays)

[About performance : Ubon]

03-6388-0083 (Weekdays 11:00〜18:00)

[About Fanclub: GACKT official fanclub G&LOVERS]

03-5428-8740 (Weekdays12:00〜17:00)

source: LOVERS Room

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team