[Announcement of Halloween Plans!]
The details for the coming 31 October’s “Yoshitsune Hiden Big Finale Halloween Party” for both afternoon and evening performances have been confirmed!
Omiya performances’ big finale is a special Happy Halloween version!!
Along with the big finale, are you coming to watch [Halloween Special Version]?!
At the same time, audiences who attend in costumes get to enjoy all sorts of Halloween related activities!
Thoes who have yet to get their tickets, get your hands on them and come join us tomorrow ~
•Part 1•
Limited to the audiences who come in costumes!
[Happy Halloween * Candy Grab Event~]
Look forward to the candies that you can pick up*
Please look for the Halloween staff in the Special events space!
We await your challenges~
•event time : from the time the goods store is open until performances start
• event location: the special events space in the lobby
• applicable persons: audiences who have come dressed in costumes

*How to Participate*
When you’re found the Halloween Staff at the Secial Events corner say “Trick or Treat!~
The staff will reply you with “Happy Halloween” and the game begins! You can start the candy grab!!

•Part 2•
You can win rare GACKT-autographed goods?!
[GACKT chooses! Halloween King & Halloween Queen <3]
Out of the participants in this event, GACKT will select 3 Halloween Kings and 3 Halloween Queens respectively during the afternoon and night performances!
Winners may get their hands on a “GACKT autographed – Yoshitsune Hiden Staff Tee (not for sale)” !
The Halloween Kings and Queens who have caught his eye will be announced after the performance at the Lobby!
The T-Shirt will also be presented as a present at the same time! Everyone, do take part~
* Application via offical Homepage or social networks using photos are acceptable as well.

*Event time : From the time goods go on sale until 30minutes before the performance starts
*venue : Lobby, special events space
* Applicable persons : audiences who come in costumes

*How to Participate*
Go to the Entry Space and write your preferred name on the name plate and pose for a photo!
Once that is done, you have successfully applied!
* please approach the staff for the photo taking

source: Moon Saga Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team