[Same day ticket’s information]
11:00~ Afternoon performance ticket sale
16:30~ Evening performance ticket sale
Location: Oomiya Sonic city Big hall Front Entrance ticket sales section

[Individual Booth Reception Timings]

10:30~11:45 Goods sales opens
11:30 Gacha Gacha starts (open until performance starts)
12:15 Doors open
13:00 Performance begins
Goods sales is possible until the the performance ends
16:30~17:30 Good Sales open
17:00 Gacha Gacha starts (operational until performance begins)
17:45 Doors open
18:30 performance begins
Goods sales is possible until the performance ends

G&LOVERS members please refer to the link for the 3 special chances.
If your application is confirmed on the same day, please do participate as well.

We are really sorry for this but, people who made a change of performance can’t apply for this.
Thank you for your understanding.

Final big lottery for Gacha Gacha!!
Even if you aren’t part of the top 3, there are many original badges that you can win at random.
Look forward to what you may get!
Participants should go to the Gacha Gacha Area before the performance and drop in your membership number at the Member Confirmation Booth.

Furthermore, participants have to exhibit their performance ticket, an ID card with a photo and their G&LOVERS membership card.
Please do take note as you will not be allowed to participate if you do not have one of these.
For new members whose membership cards are still being processed,
please bring along the form with which you applied for the membership with.
This confirmation will take place 90 minutes before the performance starts but there is an expectation that there may be a rush before the start of the performance.
Please do come earlier to avoid this.

*If you come after this designated time, we will not be taking any more applications. Thank you for your understanding.
*Please show us your ticket for the same day performance (noon or evening) during registration.
Besides the ticket, G&LOVERS membership card and ID card with a photo must be exhibited as well.
Please note that you will not be able to register in the evening timeslot if you hold a noon performance ticket.
Please do take special note so as to not forget!!

We will be waiting for your attendance!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team