GACKT’s original work, written, composed, all produced and starring stage play MOON SAGA – Yoshitsune Hiden ch 2, on the 24th starts at the Sendai city Aoba of Tokyo Electron Hall. moonsaga-kahoku
GACKT said ”Fate is something that we ourselves can disclose. I want that people who attend the play think of it as a way go move forward”
Minamoto no Yoshitsune is the protagonist. The story takes place at the end of Heian period were beings with special abilities, Mononofu, live, and portraits the dispute between the 2 main families at the time, Taira and Minamoto. Mixing historical facts with fantasy elements, it is a production that is ”In reality is that friendship actually existed between this 2 clans, and even if they were trying to find an agreement, was unavoidable.
This is the sequel to the first chapter of performances in 2012.
Taira no Noritsune is played by the Takarazuka actress Yumi Hiro, and Taira no Monamoto is played by Kawasaki Mayo.
”In 3 months we all desperately trained, and  put all our will into rehearsal. It became a team with a strong bond to unite us” said GACKT with energy.
One of the point of attraction of this play is the largest “projection mapping” ever used for a stage play.
”If you miss this, note that this is something you won’t be able to see for at least other 10 years. I want you to laugh, and cry, and be deeply moved by this work”
2 performances one at 1.00 pm and the other at。
All seats reservable, S seat 18.514 yen, A seat 13.371 yen.
Also to help recostruction some S seat will be 6.500 yen, and A seat 3.500 yen.
Contact address, GuildNext 022 (222) 2033
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team