The reason why Natsuki asks Shuuya to Travel in time once again is…

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Kuroki Meisa as the heroine, Aizawa Natsuki, GACKT as the lonesome Time traveller, Hiraoka Yuta as Natsuki’s childhood friend together in the night premium drama Time spiral (NHK BS premium)
This work, inspired by the popular WEB novel, The Solved Spiral of Mizumori Eren, this is a SF drama where an heroine who carries on her shoulders the weight of fate, and the poor unfortunate man’s love, in a dimension where past and future tied together like in a smoke spiral.

Episode 8 – LAST EPOSODE (A new future) Summary
Since the kidnapping of 15 years before, the people involved are Yuki Kentaro, Aizawa Natsuki and Mami.
Every time that a panic attack affected Natsuki, Kentaro was there to support her, but she tells him that he doesn’t have to feel responsible anymore.
Natsuki’s mother that in exchange for her daughter’s life altered dates to speed the approval for the new therapy to cure Mami, is thinking about revealing everything.
Also Natsuki says to Tatsumi Shuuya that she wants him to travel back in time once again so that he doesn’t save her from the kidnappers.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team