Natsuki (Kuroki Meisa) has found out the true reason behind Shuya’s (GACKT) motivations of time travel, Natsuki gave a surprising suggestion to save Shuya’s little sister, Mami (Taketomi Seika) who can’t seem to escape the clutches of death…
NHK BS [Time Spiral] (8 Episodes) Episode 7 [The Ultimate Choice] will be broadcast on the 14th (Tues) at 11:15p.m. .
Video will be published on the official website.

– Summary of what happened previously
As per Shuya’s (GACKT) expectations, the relationship between Natsuki (Kuroki Meisa) and Kentaro (Hiraoka Yuta) has strained. Kentaro has said that he would rather forget that he had gotten the ring which he was going to propose to Natuski with and left.
Having mistakenly consumed alcohol, Mami (Taketomi Seika) collapsed and was admitted into the hospital where Kentaro was working at. With that chance, the two of them grew close quickly. Mami confessed to Kentaro that “Sometimes I feel that there’s no meaning for me to live. It’s like I’m going against fate and it feels scary…”
On the other hand, Natsuki has discovered the truth that Shuya is Mami’s brother. Shuya said to her “I hope that you will come at 17:00 for me to explain everything to you”. He told her that his real name is Mitsuda Shuya and that he had come from the future year 2020. In the world where Shuya lived in, the cure to the Noise disease was only discovered in year 2020 but Mami passed away from her illness in 2007. If only the cure was discovered earlier, Mami wouldn’t have to pass away… with that in mind, he timetravelled to year 2007 to try and get the cure complete earlier.
In the kidnapping case 15 years ago, Natsuki was killed by one of the criminal and her mother Yoshimi (Kishimoto Kayoko) was overwhelmed with shock before committing suicide. Shuya thought that if Yoshimi, who was in the midst of creating the cure for the Noise disease, did not commit suicide, the cure would be completed earlier… so he decided to save Natsuki from the hands of the kidnappers.
But no matter how much he tried to change the past, Mami still died… it seemed like the more he tried to turn back time, the more time worked towards that fate. To break that spiral, Shuya thought of killing Natsuki. He called Natsuki to meet him at a place where a lighting strike was bound to happen. However, Shuya could not bring himself to kill Natsuki…

– Summary of Episode 7 [The Ultimate Choice]
Natsuki (Kuroki Meisa) hears out Shuya’s (GACKT) true reason for time travelling. To try and save his sister Mami (Taketomi Seika), he tried to change fate by reluctantly deciding to kill Natsuki but could not do so in the end. Twisting fate in every possible way, it seemed that Mami was going to make it… but even though Mami grew close to Kentaro (Hiraoka Yuta), Mami met with an accident. No matter how many times Shuya travelled through time, he was unable to change her fate and Shuya grew despaired… however, Natsuki has a surprising suggestion.

NHK BS [Time Spiral] (8 Episodes) Episode 7 [The Ultimate Choice] will be broadcast on the 14th (Tues) at 11:15p.m. . Main actors are Kuroki Meisa, GACKT and more. Video will be published on the official website for viewing.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team