With GACKT’s song [P.S. I LOVE U] as the representative song which is used as a motif for various love stories, iOS/Android app [P.S. I LOVE U GACKT] has been brought to life on October 14th.

With various situations and eras, the user spins a story with GACKT, and the ending changes depending on the user. At turning point scenes and ending scenes, the song [P.S. I LOVE U] will play, and the song will play along as the story progresses, making it an unforgettable song with strong memories attached to it.

What’s special is that voice-overs, photocards and illustrations that are only available in this app will be attainable. It has been successfully launched in Europe and Asia, and for GACKT whose fans around the world continue to increase, the release of this app is a great thing for not only the fans in Japan but those worldwide as well.


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source: Barks News

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team