[ Information on 13 October’s performance in relation to the approaching typhoon]

The Moon Saga Nagoya performance will continue as scheduled.

There may be an instance where changes will be made depending on the changes in circumstances, so please refer to our official page for updates.

Those who will be attending our performances, please take note of your local weather and traffic reports and take care.

Also, audiences who have yet to arrive at the vicinity for today’s performance, you may choose to postpone the dates for your purchased performance tickets to those in Sendai or Saitama. You may also choose to have a refund if you wish.

For more details on the refund or change of dates for tickets, refer to our official site for updates in a later post.

The tickets which you possess right now will be important for the refund or change of dates so please do not dispose of them yet.

*In relation to the traffic conditions, there may be a chance of the performance being postponed, so please check your traffic websites for updates.

Please refer to the following sites for information on the operation statuses of the transportation systems.

*There may be instances where the actual operation status differs from the status posted online. These are only meant to be used as general guides.

*We will not be liable for any damages sustained from the reference of the following information for travelling purposes as the safety of the situation should be based on your own judgement and assumptions.

<Status for JR Tokai>

*Link to JP Tokai Site

– Via PC: http://shinkansen.jr-central.co.jp/sep/pc/index.html

– Via Smartphone: http://sp.jr-central.co.jp/

– Via phones outside the category of smartphones: http://m.jr-central.co.jp/

<Status Bus & Subway for Nagoya city>

*Link to site of Nagoya Transportation Bureau


<Status for Meitetsu trains>

*Link to Meitetsu’s Site


<Status for Meitetsu bus>

*Link to Meitetsu’s SIte


<Status for Kintetsu trains>

*Link to Kintetsu’s Site


Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Stage Production Staff


Source: Moon Saga FacebookGACKT.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team