On 1st October, GACKT has launched the 45th single「暁月夜akatsuki zukuyo-DAY BREAKERS-」.To him, who is a big fan of manga and anime we asked what are his BEST3 of villains characters.

“THOUTHER” from「kenshiro」
I like him because has no pity, too dangerous, invincible, because when he laughs he gets me really scared. And all this is intriguing because he has been a very strong trauma in the past. And then the thing I like most about this character is the voice actor, Mr. Ginga.
(Thouther: a character of Kenshiro.At the first fight he beat Kenshiro. Instead, the second time Kenshiro won.)

“Junior” from 「Dragon Ball」
I like him because in the bottom he is nice and then he is very nihilistic. Nihilism is a very important element for the bad guys. Laugh with irony, this is bad character’s nihilism. And then the voice!When he laughs … is so cool. the voice actor Mr. Furukawa is wonderful. For me, the voice actors are very important.
(Junion: a character of「Dragon Ball」(his name comes from the little flute)

“Cobra” from「Cobra」
at the 3rd position…. Although to be evil character he is not evil enough..it will be Cobra.to be evil character, he is too fun and ladies like him and he is a womanizer. Another important element for the bad guys is sex-appeal. Yep, he is a womanizer but, in the end, are always the girls who, by choice, will give themselves to him. But the most important thing for me is always the voice actor: Mr. Nozawa.
(”Cobra”: a character of「cobra」,a space pirate who travels the universe with the partner Lady.)

Source: rankingbox.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team