2014 / 10 / 14 (TUESDAY) FROM 11:15 to 11:44 PM (BS PREMIUM)

Natsuki (Kuroki Meisa) hears from Shuuya (GACKT) the reale purpose of his time traveling.
To rescue his younger sister Mami (Taketomi Seika)Shuuya tries to kill Natsuki even if he doesn’t want, but ends up fainting.
After waking up he tells Natsuki that he can’t kill her.
She learns about Shuuya’s past, who keeps travelling back in time.
Mamis happy relationship with Kentaro (Hiraoka Yuuta)is short lived, because she meets death in an accident.
In front of a desperate Shuuya, Natsuki thinks of a certain plane.

Kuroki Meisa, GACKT, Hiraoka Yuuta, Taketomi Seika, Kitarou Akimoto, Altri

Original work – Eren Mizumori
Script – Kiyomi Fujii

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Source: Yahoo.jp

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