It’s been awhile.
How’re you doing?
Since it’s really been quite awhile since I updated LINE,
there’re probably lots of you who are surprised at my sudden update in this account.

The other day, I managed to meet up with HYDE, Dir en Grey’s SHINYA, SID’s Aki, and a few other guys for yakitori on the terrace. We had a great time.

It’s rare
and since we couldn’t really meet recently because everyone’s going on tours,
times like these are really precious… was what I thought while getting on with being the GACKT who gives my all everyday…

With that in mind,
after coming back from Hiroshima,
from the day after tomorrow, the Nagoya performances will begin.
We’re in the middle of the stage plays.
[Secret of Yoshitsune Chapter 2]
that’s what we’re doing.

It’s the biggest stage play usage
of full projection mapping in Japan.

Those who haven’t seen it, come and watch it.
You’ll really be surprised with that stage.
Although it’s Yoshitsune…
you won’t feel like its some historical play.

It’s a stage play that’s kinda like a sci-fi fantasy so
everyone who came to watch said that until the very end
they were on the verge of tears.

today I updated LINE was not because
I particularly wanted to talk about the stage play.

I found this amusing con site,
and because it was interesting enough a story,
I decided to post about it after all this while.

Well, I doubt that there’s anyone who’d get tricked but
there’d probably be fewer idiots like these after these.

And so, let’s have a look at the contents of the con site.
Here it is!!!
This page will lock down in 1 hour.Time left 59mins 48.08secs

LINE 7Ott14-01

Gifts especially for GACKT fans only
Beginning with Japan, with Worldwide plans!
“Super” Luxurious Present Campaign Phase 1
[G PROJECT] finally begins!!)

What an amazing declaration…
Anyway, why’s my name being liberally used here?
I don’t know about this…

LINE 7Ott14-2
(“Super” Luxurious Present Campaign)

What d’you mean by luxurious present?????Am I doing this????He~~~~~~llo~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!I ain’t giving anything!!!!!

(Revelation of the “Super” Luxurious Presents!!1st Place Lamborghini Murcielago 1 winner(GACKT’s beloved car approx. 30~40million yen)2nd Place VARTIX ALIVE G704L 10 winners
(GACKT’s beloved watch (used in P.S. I LOVE U) approx. 6million yen)3rd Place Cross Necklace 50 winners)

…. with that said,
creating a site to use someone’s name to con others is really unbelievable…

Recently my name’s being used like
someone uses my name to send flowers to some store.
Creating scans to such an extent is really the worst…

It’s really putting the cart before the horse.

LINE 7Ott14-3
[Special prize]

“Singapore” “France”
A holiday overseas 2 tickets for 1 winner)

That being said,
these people have
gone to the extent of sticking the promise of a trip overseas just to get others’ live e-mail adds.

Well, why don’t you guys just stop it with these scams.

LINE 7Ott14-4
[A present to all participants]

Cash prizes in tens of thousands
Maybe even in multiples of double digits!!)


LINE 7Ott14-5
(entry form)

And here’s the best part!Appealing…

In the end, it’s just to get your email adds…
This is ridiculous. Seriously.

And so,
from now I’m definitely going to take them to court,
I’ve posted about this but
don’t get tricked by this just because my name’s there.

Though there’re also lots of cases where LINE accounts are getting stolen.

Next time,
if there’re more interesting scams around,
I’ll tell you guys about it.

Normally I won’t update
unless you see me on the street and tell me
[Please update LINE!],
this time’s special.

even if someone tells me that I never really take a photo of the person who said it to me so
I didn’t update.

After a long while, this is an update from GACKT’s LINE.
See ya.



Such a continuous LINE update is not normal but…

Because of this scam, I’m going to keep going update upon update.

Just a moment ago, this was the uploaded con site.

LINE 7Ott14-7

(pic text:Revelation of the “Super” Luxurious Presents!!

1st Place Lamborghini Murcielago 1 winner(GACKT’s beloved car approx. 30~40million yen)

2nd Place VARTIX ALIVE G704L 10 winners
(GACKT’s beloved watch (used in P.S. I LOVE U) approx. 6million yen)

3rd Place Cross Necklace 50 winners)

A comment has appeared from the person who put up my lamborghini as a present!(pic: G PROJECT twitter page)
This guy
he’s even gone to the extent of creating a twitter page…
Looks like an idiot with some brains in him…

He even happily used my photo as his profile picture.
Look at this!

What was his comment??

LINE 7Ott14-8

(Because we have begun receiving a lot of inquiry emails, we have decided to make sure that there are no misunderstandings.This publicised [G PROJECT] is a project which is meant for the enjoyment of everyone, and it is not a project which is being carried out by GACKT nor GACKT’s management.)

Hey hey hey hey!
Don’t give away someone’s car “for the enjoyment of everyone”!

LINE 7Ott14-9

(It has been noted that GACKT-san has become unhappy about the project and it thus shall cease operation.

It was meant to be for enjoyment, but because it has become a big deal and may end up becoming a negative thing, it has been decided that this project will no longer continue.)

Moreover, what on earth is this???

LINE 7Ott14-10

[GACKT-san has become unhappy…]

Well isn’t that for sure!!!!

LINE 7Ott14-11

[because it has become a big deal and may end up becoming a negative thing, it has been decided that this project will no longer continue…]

Aren’t there more reasons besides that it’s becoming negative!!!
Also, you were so hasty that you wrote [hatarai tame…]. (grammatical error lol)
It should be [hataraita tame]!!!!

I’m going to sue you for this elaborate scam site.

Don’t mess with GACKT!!
I’ll see you next in court.


Source: GACKT Official LINE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team