Yes, hello?

Oh~ you.


Going back from Hiroshima.



“Already going for Hiroshima’s performances?” you ask…


I’m appearing on a TV program for the stage play

so I’m going to Hiroshima for a day.


Well, now I’m headed to Tokyo.

Although I have to go back to Hiroshima soon.

Just several days in Tokyo.

Because in Tokyo too

I have to do the NicoNico Live Stream.



“What’s that?”

Yeah, live (raw) phone calls…

I talk to the Blomaga readers directly(raw) over the phone.


Raw on the phone…

Sounds kinda erotic…

Although if it would make the program interest it wouldn’t be that bad…


“What are you worried about?” you ask…

This time’s progression came with Hagi-chan joking around.


it’s probably still difficult…


Well, he isn’t a bad guy anyway.

I just want him to put in a little more effort.


“How was Osaka?” you ask…

You… don’t change topics like that.

Well, I guess it was good.

The curtains fell on the Osaka performances without incident.



there weren’t that many people getting injured…

Until the very end all was well.

There were various parts which underwent changes

and it became something quite different from the Tokyo performances.

blomaga75-07 The updates for Hiroshima too

have been delivered in a snap.

Somewhat because during the Osaka performances

the arrangements for the DVD shooting

has already been done…


When it comes to work

you have to finish the basic set up way before anything else.


I’ve been telling all those guys

words like these, more than anything else…

I wonder exactly how many

really understood what I said…


The basic setup is akin to life.

It is 95%.

It’s what determines the results of what you produce.

If you can’t get the setup right

no matter how much you put into the production,

you can’t increase the level of it’s completeness.

Simply because you’re asking for the unreasonable.


it seems like everyone’s misunderstood me.

it seems like there are too many who think “I’ll put effort into the production”…


Isn’t it obvious though?


these people who think that they have to work hard in production

will definitely end up idling during actual production

and become a nuisance to everyone else.

If you can get the setup done well

you’ll be able to relax during the actual production.

That’s just how it is.


It’s the same no matter what job you do.

That’s why I really hate the phrase

the phrase “Somehow I’ll get it…”

You should instead say, “Well isn’t that for sure!”

I believe that if you can say something like that

it brings out the feeling in you that you’re not going to feel sorry for yourself.

blomaga75-12 In conclusion

there’s always a chance

that you may end up being a nuisance to someone.

No matter whether its to make sure you don’t become a nuisance to someone,

or to not get injured during the stage play,

or to challenge yourself with something above your level,

or to not get fool by a weak heart,

every day

you have to train.


To train your heart, you have to train your body too,

that’s definitely without a doubt.

That’s why

even for those involved in the stage play,

even if you don’t know why any more,

those why put in effort and train

will definitely get results in the end.


It’s tied with your confidence too.

Those who have trouble with that,

will never get to grow.

You’ll get to see the difference in a span of months.

That’s why I say

I don’t feel that I’m forcing myself at all.

Those who are trying to catch up should stick to this firmly

and those who have caught up

it would be good if you can lead those who have not made it.

To me, it’s not a must to do everything from 1 to 100.

Being able to get others to join you

that is more meaningful.


I’ll just show you.

[If you’re gonna do it, only what you’ve done will contribute to your self]

Those who involve themselves through the whole thing

and then the number who do not,

no one knows this number.

Of course this includes me.


That’s cold?

I don’t know if you can call that cold but

that’s what work is.

It’s not a game.

That’s exactly why

if you’re gonna participate as someone with a pro status,

you have to go forward using only your own determination.



you’ll end up not being able to do anything on your own.

Because there won’t be someone

giving you directions

all the time.


Source: OH MY GACKT! Blomaga

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team