Dear my G-Lovers

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“I’m back. I’ve got a lot to tell you…”

Once a year, I walk down this road.
Time has passed in a flash.


I visited this place around this time last year but
it feels like something that happened just a few weeks ago.

When I look at this route that I’ve become familiar with
I look back on the happenings of the past year.


There’re still 3 months left in this year but
when my feet walk down this path
it feels like the year has ended.

How many years has it been already…
that Father has passed away.


The wind has turned quite chilly.
It’s about time I stop rolling up (my sleeves/pants?)…
But I think this way suits the me now more.

If I dress like that in this season,
Father would probably say

[Gakkun, you’ll catch a cold…
Treat your body well…]

something like that.

The insect sound went completely silent
and the birds calls echoed out.

When I look at the sky
it’s like a clear blue canvas that makes me feel really good
with the clouds floating around sparsely
like light splashes of white paint.

Soon this place will start turning colour…

I used to like this season in the past.
It’s a season that made you feel like you’re saying farewell, but
I’ve always liked it.

Now, the feeling isn’t as strong anymore…


I’ve experienced actual farewells so many times that
when it gets to this season,
the thought “I’ll probably say goodbye to some one else again”
keeps crossing my mind subconsciously over and over…

Losing someone important to you is really painful.
Especially when they leave during this season,
after you’ve barely buried them in the gaping hole
winter comes around already.

As I climb these gentle sloping steps
which were made with the elderly in consideration
my sighs flow out.

Isn’t it just tiresome.
The memories press against my chest
without realising, my breath spills out.

“You really sigh a lot…”

While thinking of that,
I put my hands together before Father’s tomb.

“It’s been awhile…
There’s a lot, to fill you in on…”

For awhile
while I had fun conversing with Father
I began to slowly tell him about this year’s stage play.

“It’s gotten really good…”

I could hear Father’s laughter.
Its a gentle sound.

I told him
I’ll be at Hiroshima from tomorrow.

He was also happy for me
that the number of close friends I have grew.

“The friends from this year’s stage play are really great guys…”

The smoke from the incense dance towards the sky.
Dancing in mid air, it seemed like the smoke was drawing a picture.

“I’m doing fine.
I won’t go around being reckless…”

To prevent him from worrying
lies like these are needed.

For awhile more, I’ll continue.
Please do look out for me.
Because I’ll definitely succeed.

Well, let’s return to Tokyo.
Hiroshima performances are beginning.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is “Mr. FORWARD”.

I’ll visit again next year…


My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

※This is an excerpt from GACKT’s Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team