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From the 5th episode the scene with the curtain opened by Shuya’s from the back.

time spiral blog 01

Professor Chubaki unintentionally gave hints about
the abilities and limits of the Time traveler,
and Shyuua more and more impatient for not being able to save Mami…

Shuya said ”You should get rid of things that originally were not ment to be there” as a result, what will happen to Natsuki?
Also, will Mami be able to escape her destiny of death?

I know you can’t wait until the broadcast of episode 6 to see the new situations, but before this!
A pre-map is also broadcast with 2 minutes more including scenes of what will come next!!
Since as you can see below, the schedule of the broadcast as changed, don’t miss it!

10 / 1 (Wednesday) 11:46 BSP
10 / 3 (Friday) 06:55 BSP
10 / 9 (Thursday) 14:57 BSP
10 / 11 (Saturday) 17:25 BSP
19:57 BSP
10 / 13 (Monday) 22:57 BSP
10 / 14 (Tuesday) 11:52 BSP
23:47 BS1
10 / 15 (Wednesday) 15:23 BS1
10 / 18 (Saturday) 04:48 BS1
10 / 19 (Sunday) 00:47 BS1

BS Premium drama [TIME SPIRAL]

Broadcast info – scheduled to start on September 9th and run for eight episodes, every Tuesday on BS Premium at 23:15 to 23:44
Original work – “The Solvable Spiral” by Eren Mizumori
Script – Kiyomi Fujii
Music – Yoshihiro Ike
Starring – Mesia Kuroki, GACKT, Yuta Hiraoka, Seika Taketomi, Naomi Akimoto, Kayoko Kishimoto and others.

Source: Time Spiral Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team