Now on GACKT OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL a part of「暁月夜ーDAY BREAKERS」 PV that will be release on 1st October 00006_jaket

In the PV there’s also a scene where GACKT is disguised by the character of which he did the dubbing.

Now on Youtube you can see the short 30sec version and the scene mentioned above which belongs to the full version. During his career, GACKT played the roles of various general Japanese historians of the period of Sengoku, ie Uesugi Kenshin, Oda Nobunaga, and Minamotono Yoshitsune,and this time GACKT will play the role of a general historian of Chinese history.

At this time GACKT is in theatre with the show 「MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden chapter2」in various cities in Japan. During the period of New Year’s Eve,  26th December at Tokyo Opera City Hall in collaboration with the Tokyo Philharmonic GACKT held a classical concert.

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translation: GACKT ITALIA Team