GACKT, after Kenshin, Nobunaga and Yoshitsune, this time he is a historian hero of China in the PV of his new song.
On 1st october will be realesed 45° single CD’s 『暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS-』. This is the theme song of the video game 「3594 and – 三国 志 英 歌 -」 which will be released this fall by SQUARE ENIX. It’s now on YouTube GACKT OFFICIAL CHANNEL part of the PV, there is a scene where GACKT is disguised as Ryofu, the character of this game which he did the dubbing and he is a historical figure in Chinese history.
【無料試聴】2,000万曲が聴き放題 Music Unlimited (listening test free) over 20 million songs
Addition to the role as a voice actor, GACKT has been appointed as the brand immage of that game.
暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS-, the song will be the final phase of the 「MOON Project」 and 15 years of history. Next summer, GACKT held the last concert of 「MOON Project」 titled 「LAST VISUALIVE」 and 「暁 月夜 -day BREAKERS-」 will be the final song of the concert.
At this time GACKT is around Japan for the play 「MOON SAGA -Yoshitsune Hiden – Chapter ll」. On 26th December there will be a classical concert in collaboration with the Tokyo Philharmonic.Last year, the premium tickets of the aforementioned concert of ¥ 25,000 were sold immediately after the opening of the sale.
≪CD Details≫
45th Single
01.10.2014 on sale
【Normal Version】CD+DVD GLCD-00006 / ¥1,800(without tax)
【Normal Version】CD GLCD-00007 / ¥1,200(without tax)
【limited edition exclusively for the members of TSUTAYA】CD+photo book GLCD-00008 / ¥1,200(without tax)



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team