GACKT X Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra 2nd [An Evening of Classical Splendour] Confirmed!

Last year end, the moving and wondrous collaboration between GACKT and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra which took place will become reality once again!

Similar to last year, GACKT will select anew songs from his discography, and in the program, the Orchestra will play the songs first, with GACKT joining in to sing them with the Orchestra playing.

Please enjoy GACKT’s brilliant, one-day-only, luxurious dream space.

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

26 December 2014 (Friday)
[Noon] Doors open at 13:30 Performance starts at 14:00
[Night] Doors open at 18:30 Performance starts at 19:00

Ticketing: All seats reservable – Tax included 25,000 yen (includes souvenirs)
*Preschoolers will not be allowed admission.
*For guests in wheelchairs, for your purchase, please contact the company Ubon.

For more information, please contact Ubon.
03-6388-0083 (Weekdays 11:00〜18:00)

For LOVERS members’ early bird reservations, please check the LOVERS Info.

If you have successfully applied for the Offical Fanclub G&LOVERS by 15 October 2014, you will have 3 chances to enter the early bird lottery!
*For those who do not have the G&LOVERS admission forms, please directly contact the fanclub and join by 15 October 2014.
*The settlement of the tickets won through the lottery will be via credit card.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team