45th New Single cover design released & will be used as image song for SQUARE ENIX’s [3594e -Sengokushi Eiga]!

It has been announced that the 45th single [Akatsukizukuyo -Day Breakers-] will be the theme song for the smartphone game [3594e -Sengokushi Eiga-] by Square Enix, which will be released this fall.

In the same game, GACKT will also be the voice actor for Lu Bu!
He will be the image character which symbolises the game.

Both in the PV and the cover, he will pose as a figure in Lu Bu’s costume.

The long awaited PV Spot has been confirmed to be on 24 September!

It will be showcased in GACKT’s Officla Website Top page, and on FaceBook and YouTube.

-3594e -Sengokushi Eiga- Official Homepage

-GACKT Official HP

-YouTube GACKT Official Channel

-GACKT Official FaceBook

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Source: https://www.gackt.com/

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team