Hello everyone. This is Time Spiral tv drama producer.
I wanted to give you a sneak peek of tonight’s episode!!

time spiral blog 16 set

This is the scene where Shuya saves Natsuki from the kidnapping!
To discover the complete picture, make sure to follow tonight’s episode!!

So, in the previous episode, Natsuki realized that, the man she loved when she was a child, who saved her from that accident, looks exactly the same as Shuya!
While Kentaro was listening to Natsuki and Shuya on the phone, when Shuya said “I wanted to see you again since a ling time”…
Qhat’s the complete picture of what’s happening? How will it end between Natsuki and Kentaro?
A new character, key to the whole story, is also to appear!
Tonight at 23.15 JPT!!

Source: NHK blog
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team