Shuya (GACKT) tries to seduce Natsuki (Meisa Natsuki), Natsuki is wary at first, but………

Time Spiral Dogatch

It’s started the transmission of the evening’s TV drama “Time spiral” on NHK BS Premium.

The plot was based on the online novel 「解 け る 螺旋 tokeru-rasen」written by Elen Mizumori that tells a sci-fi sad love story through time. The main actors are: Meisa Kuroki who plays Natsuki Aizawa, the protagonist; Gackt who plays the time traveler and Yuta Hiraoka who plays the childhood friend of Natsuki.

2nd episode「I remember you」:

Natsuki (Meisa Kuroki) has found the image of Syuya Tatsumi (GACKT) in the memory of the kidnapping. The oddity is that in her memory, the image of Syuya is the same as today. Natsuki tries to reject Syuya but, actually, she is very curious to find out who really is Syuya. Meanwhile, the mother of Natsuki begins to behave in an unusual way since she met Syuya at university where Natsuki works and, in the end, she confesses that she made ​​a “forbidden” promise 15 years before when the rapture took place……………. You will discover the existence of a very sad fatal bond between Natsuki and Syuya !!

∎Premium evening’s tv drama 『Time spiral』 every Tuesday at 11:15 p.m. (on BS premium NHK)

The Actors: Meisa Kuroki, GACKT, Yuta Hiraoka, Seika Taketomi, Kitarou, Shighemitsu Oghi, Naomi Akimoto and Kayoko Kishimoto


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team