HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS! How are you all?  New GACKT Italia Staff Blog is ready for you! So, if you missed something, you can read here all the news of the last week! Enjoy~

Lets’ start with the videos of GACKT X Nestle Game Center:

GACKT X Nestle Game Center #57

We subbed one, too:

GACKT x Nestle #39 – Angry Birds – 08 Agosto – sub ita GACKT x Nestle #39 – Angry Birds – August 8th – sub eng

And now the translations of the articles about the Kenshin Festival:

TRADUZIONE: Barks - GACKT, nonostante la frattura si esibisce splendidamente TRANSLATION: Barks - GACKT, despite of his fracture made a splendid performance

GACKT wrote on his Official Facebook Page, talking about a collaboration with Hokto:

GACKT Facebook Hokuto

MOON SAGA Official Facebook Page was updated too!

And LINE, talking about Hokto again:

LOVERS Staff Blog translation:

You can read two reports about MOON SAGA, we translated them for you:

TRADUZIONE Excite Music report: un affascinante ed enorme “Pop up Picture Book”, il sequel della rappresentazione di GACKT finalmente comincia TRANSLATION Excite Music report: Gorgeous & Enormous “Pop-up Picture Book”, Sequel to GACKT’s Play Finally Begins

Finally, his blog:


The August 30th was the Anniversary of Saikai and DEARS, two Masterpieces!

That’s all for this sunday! Have a wonderful week with GACKT and GACKT Italia! Kisu~