The Kenshin Festival ended without incident.


To be able to do it to the end

without anyone getting hurt is the best.

During the night battle scene,

when I held out my left leg

and I couldn’t control my horse,

I was almost overwhelmed.


The horse this time around

has quite a wild personality

and made it quite demanding on me.

The flashes from the audience

made it get too excited,

at the end it got quite dangerous.


at the last moment it felt like someone gave me a hand.

Maybe it was Lord Kenshin who gave me that push.

Of course,

some may say that it was just my imagination.

It probably sounds like nonsense

but it really felt like some one gave me a light push to my back…


Whatever it was,

let’s just be thankful

that it ended without incident.

I would like to thank the many staff members, and related parties

for getting involved in this year’s Kenshin Festival.

To the many spectators,

thank you for coming down and wanting to see me.

Let’s thank the weather for holding out for us until the end.

I’m thankful for everything.


Ah, I’ve pushed it too far this past month

and it looks like it’s become rather battered

it’ll probably end up quite strange.

It seems like the pain has even spread to my right leg.

Right now I’m doing physiotherapy.


Combining it with my training

I’m focusing on fixing my leg.

In the past few days

the pain has become a little less.

I think if I continue with the physiotherapy for another week

it’ll be just in time for the Fukuoka performances.

Things that you cannot rush

you have to do them one step at a time.


There are many times when I’ve gotten annoyed though.

But, it can’t be rushed and I’ll have to do it bit by bit.


to have finished the Kenshin Festival

and this month’s strenuous schedule without incident,

and even to this leg that the Tokyo performances gave me,

let’s be thankful for them.

Like a dragon soaring in the skies…

While clinging on to these words,

I’m in fact grovelling on the ground,

continuously moving forward.

This, too, is GACKT.

That’s why
I’ve been able to obtain many things too.

Well, I should go for physiotherapy now.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is [Mr. Phoenix]

Next time, let’s meet in Bali.



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