On the 24th the annual Kenshin Festival was held in the home territory of a general of the Warring States Era Uesugi Kenshin, and singer GACKT took part in the festivities.

Dressed as Kenshin, he lead around 500 armoured people though the streets in a road march. He is taking on this lead role as Kenshin for the second consecutive year. He first acted as this character in the 2007 NHK historical drama [Fuurin Kazan]. With emotion, he said “Joetsu is like a second hometown to me.”.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that he had fractured his left ankle during a rehearsal for his stage play but he said, “It’s not a handicap, instead it’s a good way to raise morale.” as he rode out to the streets on a white horse and to great applause.

Sponichi-Kenshin Festival-01

Source: sponichi.co.jp