For the 89th Kenshin Festival of Niigata prefecture’s Joetsu City’s on the 24th, singer and actor GACKT performed as Uesugi Kenshin of the Warring States Era for their [Kick-Off Procession] and the [Re-enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle], energising and captivating fans and tourists.

For the Kick-Off Procession, it took place in the streets near the Kasugayama Castle Ruins and involved around 500 warriors who were split between the forces of Uesugi andTakeda Ryogun as they played out the picture scrolls which depicted the parade.

GACKT, who is taking part for the 6th time and 2nd year in a row, had fractured his left ankle during a rehearsal for his stage play and pushed past the pain for the [Kick-Off]. Appearing into the venue gallantly on a white horse, with awe-inspiring drama he said “To remind to world of the spirit of righteousness, against time, we have come forth to the land of Joetsu. Let’s move out”. Looking past his performance, the bystanders on the road side yell out “Oyakata-sama~!” in encouragement, reaching the festival’s climax.

Asahi-Kenshin Festival-01 Asahi-Kenshin Festival-02