On the 24th was the highlights of the 89th Kenshin Festival, the Kick-Off Procession and the Re-Enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle, which took place in the area of Kasugayama in Joetsu.

While the citizens and fans watched along the route of the Kick-Off Procession, he drifted by with a strong and powerful presence, and acted out the beautiful and brave character of the Warring States Era’s strongest warrior. Giving out the order to move out, his voice, filled with the spirit of righteousness, rang out across the marching route. The audience returned it with loud cheers.

GACKT Kenshin wages war in the evening at the Kasugayama Historical Castle Square for the Re-enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle. The full-house audience was once again filled with awe.

*A 10 page feature article with pictures will be posted in this newspaper on the 25th.

Source: J-times
ranslation: GACKT ITALIA team