The 90th Kenshin Festival (also the main sponsor of the event) kicked-off the 2014 programme, held at Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, by welcoming back musician GACKT as Uesugi Kenshin. This is GACKT’s 6th appearance as Kenshin (and for 2 consecutive years) as he appeared wearing a black costume riding a white horse. Accompanied by a 500-strong entourage and leading with a cry of triumph, a tide of enthusiasm engulfed the audience standing by the sides of the road.

GACKT headed from Kasuga Elementary School, towards the intersection at Sanroku-sen’s Kasugayama. Like last year, GACKT was wearing the familiar black suikan (the everyday garment worn by nobles in ancient Japan), the same outfit he had worn when he was acting in the 2007 NHK Taiga-drama [Furinkazan].


As the white horse went back and forth, from the intersection at Sanroku-sen’s Kasugayama, reciting that [to convey the soul of righteousness, Uesugi Kenshin has surpassed time to visit this land of Joetsu], the 500-strong entourage raised the cry of triumph [EIEIOOOOO].

The roads were filled with many people, who raised cries of [my lord] and applauded and cheered in loud voices when GACKT appeared.

GACKT comment that [To me, Joetsu is like a “second hometown” and a special/important place. Through this event, I hope from my heart that the the people who are attracted to and love Joetsu like me will increase.]

Translation: GACKT ITALIA team