《GACKT Appearance on Nico-nico live!!!》
『MOON SAGA-2』 pre-performance special, airing live from Meijiza today!!
We’ve got a special show, working with all the cast of the performance,
to show everybody the charm behind the performance!!
There’s no way you would want to miss out on this!!!!
Airing 1:00〜2:00PM Airing live
2:00〜2:30PM Subscribers exclusive
Details here☆
Watch it here

《Special Secret Meeting Part1》

For the 11st August, Evening performance of『MOON SAGA-2』,
The first Special Secret Meeting took place!!!

This event,
we had Mayo Kawasaki, Takaki Uda, Yuuki Kimisawa joining us on stage again♪♪
It was one hell of an awesome meeting!

Look forward to todays Secret meeting☆

I’m looking forward to everybody participating!