Hello everyone!
Here is the play production commitee staff

Tomorrow the special program to show the charm of [Moon Saga – Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2] with all the cast together on NICO NICO LIVE Broadcast has been decided!

The stage will be brought to life with Japan’s biggest projection mapping technology and powerful action scenes.

Performers are
GACKT, Furumoto Shinnosuke, Suzunosuke, Kimisawa Yuuki, Uda Takaki
Also, a surprise guest appearance!?!?

In addition, in the OH!! MY!! GACKT!!! Premium Channel, we’ve managed to sneak into the cast members’ dressing rooms!?

URL here!

Please, don’t miss this chance!

More details on the event: MOON SAGA – LIVE BROADCAST on Nico Nico

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team