Hello everyone!

This is the MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- play production staff.

After winning through the tough audition we’ll give information about the selected Hatsune and Kuroda Arisa appearance in the role of Hiyori!
The first show was Kuroda, yesterday (matinee) Hatsune and (evening) Kuroda.

Starting today, the schedule is…
10th (evening) – Hatsune
11th (evening) – Arisa Kuroda
12th (matinee) – Arisa Kuroda, (evening) – Hatsune
13th (evening) – Hatsune
*Information about the performances after the 14th will be announced when they are decided

Please enjoy the difference in their ‘Hiyori’ .

Take this chance to attend!

Translation: GACKT ITAIA Team