Hello dear LOVERS and happy Sunday everyone!!

Here we are again with our weekly staff blog! This week has been really full of news for the GACKT world. Moon Saga 2 has finally started!!! Are you excited too?!?! We are over the top!! But Let’s move immediately to this week’s news.
Let’s start with the usual GACKT x Nestle series videos:

Obviously GACKT Italia has continued the subbing work in double language, both Italian and English, of these videos os you can enjoy all the videos we subbed this week, or you can visit the archive GACKT x Nestle sub ita/eng for all the videos we subbed so far on our website!


On august the 3rd, with some days of delay, GACKT has finally published his Blog and Blomaga. GACKT Italia has translated both of them for you all!


As we said earlier, Moon Saga – Yoshitsune hide – Chapter 2 has finnally opened the curtains on August the 8th!! Here you can find all the news and the facebook updates regarding Moon Saga!

Furthermore, GACKT has been really active on his social pages even with lots of commitments!! Here are the translations for LINE and the Facebook updates

And now one little curiosity!! Today it’s the 9th anniversary since the release of Todokanai Ai to Shitteita Noni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa and Noesis! Here below a lil gift subbed in Italian for all LOVERS, Todokanai Ai to Shitteita Noni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa video right from our youtube channel!

That’s all for today! We are waiting for you on our social pages, facebook, twitter and instagram and obviously we are also waiting for you on our forums!!!

Kisu and have a nice week everyone!!