The stage play which is wholly produced by GACKT [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2] had it’s heroine revealed today.

[Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2], wholly produced by GACKT, Kuroda Arisa and Hatsune acting as Hiyori (from left)]

On the 29th, a full dress press conference was held in Tokyo. Main actors GACKT, Kawasaki Mayo, Yumi Hiroto and heroines Kuroda Arisa and Hatsune present, along with the other cast members. During this event, 2 heroines were introduced.

◆2 beautiful women were picked by GACKT after rounds of the knock-out auditions

Regardless of age, gender, and nationality, a heroine was to be selected through auditions, but both Hatsune and Kuroda caught the heart of GACKT, and were selected to be a double cast. Said Kuroda, “After going into the final auditions in May, I’m really happy to be able to welcome this day. Although I don’t know what was the basis for his selection, but having been picked makes me very happy.” Continuing, she said while filled with emotion, “From the start of July we’ve been having trainings and today coming to the press conference… the reality (of having been picked as heroine) has finally sunk in.” She confessed with a smile, “Until this moment there were many times when I got nightmares of being told that I won’t be Hiyori.”

Hatsune also said with enthusiasm, “Although this is my first time taking on a stage play, it has been a wonderful experience thus far. The role of Hiyori is not specifically described yet, but being able to understand how Hiyori thinks makes me happy.”

◆GACKT「I’m brutal」

When asked for a reason behind choosing two people to act as Hiyori, GACKT explained, “I was focused on looking at how well they can express themselves using body language if they were given non-speaking roles and their level of expressiveness along with how much potential I see in them.” Although Hiyori has become a character with two actresses, it was not the original intent and GACKT gave a harsh comment saying, “If you were useless, my opinion is that I might as well keep you out of it. I’m brutal that way.” Beginning two heroines, everyone was inspired by GACKT when he said, “I hope that everyone will continue this challenge to the end. I think it’s good even if you’re tense while doing it. Because the final result is not determined yet.”

The work is a continuation of [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune], a historical fantasy which was created by GACKT. Japan’s largest projection mapping stage will be used. Starting from 8 August, the play will be staged in various locations beginning with Meijiza Tokyo.

source: Modelpress
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team