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For the part of the female heroin in the new 「MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune hiden- chapter 2」created by GACKT, two girls have been chosen among more than 100 candidates Hatsume(21), former Chu-Z singer and a model at the moment, Arisa Kuroda(26), a TV personality.

On July 29th during the press conference Kuroda said in tears “I finally made it… it was a long journey” instead Hatsune said “This is my first time that I work in a play. My character doesn’t talk so I will try to show what I feel inside”.
Hatsune has a brilliant career as a model, she was the official model for「Nicky」Magazine and she won also a judge price.

Kuroda acted in the tv show「Syu-ichi」and right now she’s a regular guest at the「kouko-kouza」tv show.

GACKT said “I saw a lot of potential in them” in the beginning they were just looking for one actress but in the end they picked two, on this subject GACKT commented “Well, since we are not so sure about their skills, we picked two just in case. The one that will not work as we hope between the two, will be gunned down” joking, hopefully.

This is the sequel for「MOON SAGA- Yoshitsune hiden」(2012) . This time GACKT, other than being the main actor, will also curate the script and the music to create new stories that were not in the previous play. Hiyori (陽和) part played by Hatsune will be the key to the whole story. The play takes place in the late Heian period, Minamotono Yoshitsune (GACKT) finds himself in the famous Japanese battle between two noble families: Genji family and Heike family,「Danno ura」

The play starts on August the 8th in Tokyo at the Meiji za theatre.

Source: Mantan Web
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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