On July 29th in Tokyo, GACKT (41) presented to the public the two main actresses for MOON SAGA – Yoshitune hiden chapter 2. 29luglio-Moonsaga-photocall60

Among 100 candidates, for the main character part 陽和 Hiyori have been chosen the tv personality Arisa Kuroda (26) and model Hatsune (21). In the beginning it wasn’t planned to nominate two actresses for the Hiyori part but GACKT, also producer of the play, said “I wasn’t sure till where they were able to arrive so I thought to nominate two actresses, I can always eliminate the ones that does worse. Yes, I’m cruel” a very sadistic comment.

Kuroda worried about this GACKT comment said “But so it’s not official yet???!” GACKT continued “I want you two to be in competition till the end.”

fonte: Daily.co.jp
Traduzione: GACKT ITALIA Team


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