On August the 8th MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden chapter two will start it’s performances.
On July 29th in Tokyo has been held the press conference with GACKT and the main actors.29luglio-Moonsaga-photocall46


For the female heroine, among 100 candidates, Arisa Kuroda and Hatsune have been chosen.

With tears in her eyes, Kuroda said she had nightmares to be fired “We started rehearsals at the beginning of July but it still wasn’t sure that I would have acted on the stage so now I finally feel chosen”

As for Hatsune this is her first theatre experience “陽和 Hiyori: it’s the part I’m playing and she’s mute. I want to be able to show you what Hiyori is thinking about human relationship or humanity in general.”

This is the sequel to the theatrical success with more than 20 thousand tickets sold. GACKT said “The story is really well done, I hope. The action… who knows” joking he added “Who knows how many people will get hurt and will be pulled out from rehearsals. Now I have to be careful not to get pulled out!!!”

Regarding the fact that there are two actresses, GACKT said “In the meantime we test both of them and the one that will be the worse will be eliminated. I’m very cruel…” Hatsune and Kuroda continued “But!! What do you mean? We are not officially chosen yet?????” GACKt replied with a smile “You two need to be in competition. We don’t know what will happen, even I can change my mind.”

Mayo Kawasaki, longtime friend of GACKT said “I am sure it will come out something extraordinary because we are putting everything we have in it”

GACKT produced entirely MOON SAGA Yoshitsune hiden chapter 2, at Meiji za from August 8th. For more details visit the official website www.moonsaga.jp

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