Why am i so spirited all the time??

I’m stuck in a traffic jam
And getting irritated right now


Your phone call was a saviour.

That’s right.
I’m going to Misato in Saitama
To check on the effects work for the stage play.

The distance i have to travel for this…
Its getting me irritated.

But i guess i dont have much of a choice.
I have to test them out for the new stage play performance anyway.


Before this was i talking about the drama halfway you say!!???

Hey hey. I’ll get angry.

It’s gonna get really lengthy if i talk about it.
If you wanted to hear about it couldn’t you ask in a cuter way.

I’ll put down the phone here.

I guess i dont have a choice here…


On that day,
We were using the university’s facilities for filming,
And preparations started around 6am in the morning.
At the same time, i slept too much
And felt like i was going to fall asleep again in the car but
I managed to get my head back into the script
And remember the heck out of it.


Director Nishimura is an interesting person.
He gets involved with the edit and all that
So he remembers the CG and we filmed like that.

Recently there are many people who are editors that became directors.
They can understand well the extent of the CG they are creating
And from there, direct the filming to fit it.


You can see that even while taking a break,
I’m still memorising the script.
I’m prepared
But the lines are really long
So it’s really difficult to remember them all.


Its a small picture but
Its the scene where i meet Meisa-chan suddenly in the drama.
Its just full of mystery.
My existence.

Here’s the scene where I leave but
My character is seriously full of mystery.
Well, personally
I prefer such characters so probably in future
I think i’ll continue doing them.


This is a scene in the library but
Do guys like that go to the library??? You ask.
I thought you were talking about me.
Not about me?
I know that!!!!


Actually, i really like libraries.
The dim light feels good right?
Thats really nice.
You get to live in the moment.
Even if you’re only looking at the book before you now
The amount of time you have to take to read it is fixed already.

That’s being in the moment. In the moment.
Do you get it?
On that day, it was with that feeling
That we kept filming that scene until night
And start again the next morning at 6am.
I stay in a nearby hotel but
As i looked at the morning scenery fatigue fell on me with a thud and i left for filming.


Even though i havent even started anything.
Even though its such a (quiet) morning i’m already on the street on my way to work.
Humans really are amazing.


On that day we were going to the outskirts for filming but
To me i enjoyed that day the most.
Somehow, it felt good.
Greenery stretched along the river.