Dear my G-Lovers

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The middle of july has passed.
Its already been one week since we talked about celebrating my birthday.

My close friends
Celebrated my birthday for 2 weeks but
Every morning, i barely slept 2 hours before having to get up
So it was kind of a tiring 2 weeks.


Right now i’m in the middle of filming
For a new program that started on youtube
Called Ga-Me centre but

The music that i hear in between practices for the stage play
Is one that feels like its making your body move.


What you see in the back
Is my beloved Lamborghini car
Which was created for the 50th anniversary of the aventador but…
I don’t the the time to drive it

Maybe i should take it out tonight.


I’ve become so into these games…

Ga-Me Centre!! is
My new youtube program
Where i play all sorts of games but
Somehow i’ve become so into these
Detailed things
Which put together so many different professions.


Times have really changed.
There’s a program thats only about gaming.
And somehow i’m the one playing them…

For someone like me who has always stayed away from gaming
It’s a strange thing… Is what i thought.

To me, a game is not something you play
But its something thats made or created.



Right now,
There’s even a me who’s playing games like a kid.

You never know what will happen in life.
[Life is a game]
Is something i used to think a lot last time.
[Life is a gamble]
Is something you hear a lot recently
But i dont think so.

To beat a game,
You use your wits and efforts
And take time to do so but
In a gamble
You’re mostly relying on luck.

If you’re deciding a win or loss from luck,
I would have lost.

My luck’s bad.
To put it properly,
More than my luck is bad, my bad luck is just really strong.


There are many who dont understand this difference.
People with good luck are blessed with luckiness.
They will have high chances of good things happening around them.
People with strong bad luck
When good things happen around them
The chance of that slipping away is particularly high.

To me,
My luck is bad but
I’m thankful for the strength of my bad luck.

Still, i’ve lived like this for so long.
I’ll probably meet with more death in future but
I’m still alive.
I’m still thriving.


I think that most generals too
Would rather have the strength
to beat bad luck than to be lucky.

Why you ask?
Even if you dont get lucky
You can still open a route for yourself.

If you stick yourself at home without going out,
Nothing lucky in life will happen anyway.
For something to happen most of the time
You have to get yourself in some sort of trouble.

In those times or even normally,
You dont only need the strength to get away from it
But for the people with strong bad luck,
There are many times when
It gets so bad that they end up giving up.

And from there,
There are also those who seem to have 9 lives and simply end up losing one.

I think there are also many people in this world
Who have bad luck like me.
Dont pay too much attention to that.

What’s important
Is that you dont leave everything to luck and carve out your own way.

Well, its never too late.
Dont shut yourself in and get up and go outside.
Once you go out you’ll get to meet lots of different people
And feel lots of excitement while growing yourself.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is “Mr. UBREAKABLE”

You’ll do it right, for yourself?
Can’t make it?

Thats why
I’ll show you first with myself.

Being able to make it no matter what.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.
(Updates thrice a month)