Annyeong annyeong?

Don’t say annyeong annyeong?

is the blomaga update so late… you say?

My bad my bad…
The training for the stage play
really runs from morning to night.
I didn’t manage to do anything else during production.


I couldn’t really find time to update the blog.


We’re starting filming
for the music video.

That’s why,
right now, this phone call from you
is getting in the way of my work.

Sorry sorry.
I didn’t mean it like that.

Why don’t you talk to me for a bit?

What song are we working on today?

It’s called

It’s a little hard to read.
It’s read as “A-ka-tsu-ki-zu-ku-yo”.


It’s a good song.
It’s the main song for the next and last VISUALIVE.

What is it?

Eh?? You’re sad??
Hey, hey, what are you getting upset about
before it’s even over.

Get sad only after
it’s ended without incident.

There’s no point in getting upset
before it’s even over right?


Since morning,
we’ve been filming for this music video.
It looks like it’s going to be a long day today.


This song
is a continuation of the
so the concept for this song
has been already decided quite awhile back.

Well, Moon Sage itself
has been something I’ve worked on since 2002
so its a piece of work
that I’ve worked on from over 10 years ago.

It’s taken awhile…

Having said that, because I’ve started working on this
immediately after the filming for a drama ended
I’m really tired,

I’ve got quite the busy schedule.


We started from here on the first day.
We came into Shizuoka the previous night
and though I stayed at this hotel
to get to the location early next morning…

Well, it was an indescribably peaceful morning.


Yeah I get the feeling
that I’ve stayed here before during Akumu-chan too.

It feels like I’ve seen this scenery before…


Somehow I became strangely drawn to the exterior of the hotel
and stood there looking at it on my own, thinking of buying it.


It takes 40 minutes to get from here to the location.
I have to quickly get changed and prepare.

Actually, today will be
the first time I meet Meisa-chan in person…
It’s a strange schedule.


More over,
this costume is designed for a university professor teaching architecture but…