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I’ve celebrated my 41st birthday…
I’ve finallly realised that I’ve hit 41.
It’s surprising.

As I spent my birthday on 4th July,
I thought I’d be having mixed feelings but…
without even being able to think about that,
I’ve been having days that are busy as hell.


Even if I manage to sleep a little at night,
I manage to fall asleep almost immediately
and although my body is really tired,
it’s not a bad kind of fatigue.

We’ve gotten into the stage of training for the stage play
where we start training in the morning
and keep going as it is
until we end training late at night.


The young ones are desperately
trying to get used to the hard training but,
not everyone will become good at it
and I can’t compliment them until they’ve actually reached the end.

seeing their desperate desire
to want to reach the end despite struggling,
makes me feel incredibly proud beyond words.


This stage play will be delivered to all of you next month but
to me, the thing that makes me happiest,
is being able to do it with these friends of mine.


The other day,
there was a fan club event.

For an especially high-class Westin Hotel Tokyo
it was the first big artiste’s fan club event there since their establishment.
I decided to require a dress code
and we caused considerable excitement for the hotel
with all the buzz the fans created.


Of course,
for me as well,
it was the first time I’ve used a hotel for a birthday event
and having the 15th anniversary event at the same time
made it a really big thing.


For this time’s event too,
I’ve booked the largest place they had
but there weren’t enough seats
and there were many LOVERS who could not get the tickets for it.
I’m really sorry about that.

Along the way,
I’ve received everyone’s cheers
and everyone’s belief in me.
No matter how many times I thank you all for it
it will never be enough.

From now on, there would probably be a variety of things to stress about
and more bashings from the gossip magazines.

to live like the majority of the people
and try to protect myself in such a style
is just not my way.

I will keep doing things my way
from now until the end.
For the sake of touching your hearts the best way I can.

let me say one more thing.

Everyone, thank you.
I love you guys.

My name is GACKT,
My motto is “Mr. HAPPIEST”.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.
(Updates thrice a month)