Happy Sunday LOVERS!
Last week was full of appointments and news, but we already knew it, since July 4th is a very important day for LOVERS, because it’s our beloved GACKT’s Birthday! So, let’s recap this very intense week with the news about GACKT and GACKT Italia:

First of all, LOVERS STAFF BLOG is talking about drama Time Spiral filming:


and Takeshi Nakano posted on instagram a backstage photo of our wonderful Yoshitsune having a break:

Collaboration between GACKT and Nestle Game Center is started too. There will be a daily video for one whole year about GACKT playing games, at the same time, 7pm JSt. He wrote it on his Official Facebook page and on LINE too.


here are all the videos we subbed in Italian and English:

Schermata 2014-07-02 alle 12.03.08

and here are the others, translation coming soon!

Then, we can pre-order new GACKT’s single DAY BREAKERS and the MOON SAGA Soundtrack, here’s the link:



then…a shocking news. GACKT full naked in a photoshoot for G L I T T E R Magazine that will be released tomorrow. We have a sneak peek:


our divine’s Birthday! 41 years old! we have to say he’s a very beautiful 41 years old man. Take a look at photos, videos we collected for you and read the articles translated:


about GACKT’s Birthday, GACKT ITALIA wanted to wish him a wonderful Birthday with these gifts:

Schermata 2014-07-03 alle 17.00.00


After GACKT’s Birthday, he introduces a very interesting initiative:


he wrote it on his official site, that’s completely renewed, take a look: GACKT.COM

That’s all for today. If you have lost something, you can read this summary GACKT Italia give you every sunday. See you next week! Thank you all! Kisu.