Premium Evening Drama

『Time Spiral』
Web Novel X Kuroki Meisa X GACKT
A Science Fiction Love Mystery of a Fate suffered by a sad man and a heroine
in a swirling spiral of space and time connecting past and future.

Aizawa Natsuki (Kuroki Meisa) has suffered from childhood trauma stemming from being kidnapped when she was young. Supported by Yuki Kentaro since childhood, she has now grown up and is now a physics researcher at a university. One day, a new professor, Tatsumi Shuuya (GACKT), joined the college and since then, strange happenings began occurring around Natsuki. It was just as well because it turns out that Shuuya is a “time traveller” who travels to and fro between past and future.

For some reason, Shuuya finds the close relationship between Natsuki and Kentaro a nuisance, and mysteriously attracts Natsuki. Natsuki Increasingly finds herself at the mercy of Shuuya. What is Shuuya’s goal…

Eventually, between Shuuya and Natsuki, the bittersweet “relationship of fate” that goes beyond space and time unveils!!

The original work comes from a popular Web Novel!
The starring cast has Kuroki Meisa as Natsuki and GACKT as the lonely time traveller!
In addition, the drama will involve a variety of popular actors such as Hiraoka Yuuta as Natsuki’s childhood friend. Please stay tuned.

■ Comment by Kuroki Meisa
I have to play the difficult role of Aizawa Natsuki who was kidnapped as a child and has a double life. I wonder if fate is something you can change. Or if its an impossibility to change something like that. In the first place, what is fate?

When I was acting in this role, there were many instances of deja vu for me and I wondered if it’s by any chance me seeing myself in a different life.
Please do watch the drama.

Premium Evening Drama 『Time Spiral』

【Broadcast times】
Starting on 2 September 2014 (Tues) 《*8 weeks in a row》
BS Premium Every Tuesday 11.15p.m. ~ 11.44p.m.

【Original work】
Mizumori Eren「The Solvable Spiral」

Fujii Kiyomi

Ike Yorihiro

Kuroki Meisa GACKT Hiraoka Yuuta Taketomi Seika  Akimoto Naomi  Kishimoto Kayoko Others

Nishimura Ryo、Amemiya Nozumi、Iwasaki Mariko(AXON)

【Overall Production】
Shinohara Kei(NHK)、Shu Hidemi(AXON)