On the 29th, singer GACKT (40) criticised artists who use illegal drugs on his blog and at the same time declared, “I’m not as free as to get myself involved in those drugs!”.

The theory from GACKT is that “Inadvertently, there are unfortunately many sloppy people who call themselves musicians” and “It’s especially so when it comes to sales. There are many people who end up drowning themselves in women, money, alcohol and drugs.”.
In recent news, if we were to mention musicians who have been arrested for illegal drug use, the news about Aska (from the group Chage & Aska) being a suspect has been a hot topic. Perhaps under the influence of such news, there may have been suspicions of GACKT dabbling in drugs. To such suspicions, GACKT dismisses them with the statement “I’ll make you fly!”

Further on, he gave criticism by saying, “From my point of view, people who get caught up in drugs and alcohol are inferior people.”. Nevertheless, there not few entertainers who have been arrested for illegal drug use. His indignant response to that was, “People who go out to work, or at least those who have huge influences on their fans, to get caught up in alcohol and drugs…”.

Source: nikkansports.com

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