GACKT, The unexpected happening at the final audition for the heron’s role in the theatrical representation


”The final audition for the girl who is able to steal Yoshitsune-GACKT’s” held to choose the role of the heroine (Hiyori) in the second chapter of ”Moon Saga – Yoshitsune Hiden”, Theatrical play that has GACKT himself as All Produce, in the role of lead actor, director, writer and scriptwriter, took place at the Shibuya AX in Tokyo, and as judging committee, other than GACKT himself, there were other people that have the role of co-protagonist: Kawasaki Mayo, Hiro Yumi, Furumoto Shinnosuke and Uda Tataki.

These auditions for the role of the one and only Hiyori, the heroine that is going to represent the key-point of the story, starts from March the 31 and will be open to all.


The fierce 24 winners of the public audition were announced, so that day had to be decided the role of Hiyori, and the casting was broadcasted on Niconico douga.

While the great number of people who rushed to the venue observed the proceedings, GACKT, Kawasaki, Yumi and Furumoto enterd the scene. -Today I hope from the bottom of my heart to find a marvellous Hiyorin- Greeted GACKT, opening the curtains on the audition.


While, starting from GACKT, each member of the committee sharpen the look, everyone immersed themselves in what was the first examination, which was the ability of portraying emotions: sadness, happiness and pain without using words.

During this examination were chosen, not only by consultation among members of the committee, but also through poll open to the public that gathered there, the 15 girls who would have taken part in the second audition.


Right after this first audition, with Furumoto in the role of Musashibou Benkei, took place the second examination consisting in acting a small scene with the 15 girls, -Each of you have eyes with an extraordinary expressiveness. Me too, I was stimulated by this because I had to work harder.- and Uda -Looking at you by the point of view of an actor, I’m deeply touched by your freshness- they both praised the finalist examined in this test.


Furthermore, on the second performance, -It really got through my heart the vivid interpretation of all of you, and perceiving your strong will to act in this role I was strongly motivated- (Yumi), -During the interpretation without dialogues you were able to fill the emptiness, there were parts in which I was able to perceive the thoughts and feelings in an extreme way, I felt that this was the real origin of acting- Commented Yumi and Kawasaki.


-People that, even without being able to act, made me feel their ability, if there’s some potential, and till where they can get, here and now, in this venue, gave me a precious sensation.
More than in the whole situation, in this exact moment, the kind of person that has this enchanted expression, a natural good atmosphere around her, makes me think that she is necessary for the role of Hiyori- pronounced GACKT.

On the stage where the audition took place, it was expected to be proclaimed the result for the role of Hiyori, but the examination, proceeding with difficulty, without getting to a definitive result, unpredictably got to an end, with the sudden announcement that the winner would have been announced the following day through HP.


On this decision -From now one we’d like to retire to deliberate on which of the girls is more suitable for the role-, explained GACKT, – When this stage was reached by all of you, non only Hiyori but even all the other actors wanted to do their best, I think. So please, wait patiently- he concluded.

The play ”MOON SAGA, Yoshitsune Hiden, will be on tour starting from August the 8th, reaching other than Tokyo (Teatro Meiji) Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hiroshima and Miyagi.

Second stage finalists

1.天翔りいら(あまとりいら)Amato Riira
2.葵みなみ(あおいみなみ)Aoi Minami
6.小野沢蛍(おのざわほたる)Onozawa Hotaru
7.黒田有彩(くろだありさ)Kuroda Arisa
12.竹内友梨(たけうちゆうり)Takeuchi Yuuri
13.竹中愛(たけなかあい)Takenaka Ai
14.月森朝美(つきもりともみ)Tsukimori Tomomi
15.土屋舞(つちやまい)Tsuchiya Mai
17.中田絢千(なかたあやか)Nakata Ayaka
18.中村祐美子(なかむらゆみこ)Nakamura Yumiko
23.堀口ひかる(ほりぐちひかる)Horiguchi Hikaru
25.山川紗弥(やまかわさや) Yamakawa Saya

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team
source: entameplex