… Hello… Helloo… Hello…

Is it difficult to talk now?

Mm, now?
Sorry, sorry,
I’m in Singapore for a bit.
I’ll call you back…


Why Singapore?
Its for work.

I doubt I’ll have time for that…
I’ve had enough of that back then though.

So it’s not like I really want to go to the casino…

Although i like the atmosphere.
I can’t take the glaring lights.
Sunglasses aren’t permitted either.
It’s not like I can stand the brightness for a long time.


The temperature?
I’m still in the airport so i can’t really tell yet.
It’s probably hot here~

Because I like warm places, i really love south east asia.

My favourite country?
Probably europe.

By far i prefer europe.
Like Lithuania, its great.
Although it seems really cold there in winter.

Summer in lithuania’s the best.
Also it feels really great to travel through europe in a car.

And because there’re lots of funky guys in europe, its really pleasant.


To change the colour of my aventador was quite a difficult thing.

The impact varies but it creates a growing and overwhelming presence.
Thats probably the kind of object its become.


Overall, the way you look at it changes.
Of course the normal aventador is beautiful too.

When you see it in real life, you’ll be surprised by the beauty of its form.


The first time i saw an aventador was at a rodeo drive in los angeles.

Honestly, i was surprised.
Its just too beautiful.

From then, i could only think about aventadors.

Ahh you could say it was love at first sight.

Have i driven the newest car?

Even if i said of course i have, i keep fly around so much that honestly i barely have the time to.


Well, my aventador’s extremely beautiful.