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My body age became 17. It was 15 just awhile ago…
I’m also ageing in real life…

The other day,
One of the G-LOVERS sent something interesting.
Hmm i would really know…

But honestly, i dont really like the word stoic.

Whatever it is, by using the word stoic its like being recognised as some kind of special person by the people around you.

No, i’m completely different.

There’s nothing special.
Nothing special about me.

The people around me just think so without my permission.

I dont think of myself as stoic in the slightest bit.

On the other hand, i know a lot of my scruffy bits.

Because if you fall once, i believe that we can get back up again.

So to prevent my scruffy self from falling, i have to live a discipline life.


Getting there, there are many people who unfortunately fail as musicians.

There are many guys who dont admit that they’ve fallen.

Its especially so for sales.
There are many guys who have drowned themselves in fun, alcohol, women, and money.

I heard something like this while overseas.

“GACKT-san, did you know there’s this recent hot topic in japan of a singer who got caught with drugs.?”

That’s trashy…

I don’t have time to talk about other people. And for such talk, there’s no need to keep bringing it up.

“Ehh~ GACKT-san, do you really not do stuff like drugs?”


To put it my way, a man who gets caught up in alcohol and drugs is second class.

To the people who go to work or, less commonly, those who have huge impacts on their fans, to get caught up in such things…

Saying it in a GACKT kind of way…
“I’m not as free as to get involved with those drugs!”

For the sake of being a GACKT with a bigger objective, i dont have time for such corruption.

Even amongst my staff, there are many guys who can’t tale my strictness.

On the other hand, the guys who can take it become pros in being able to work in any given environment.


All those dancers, staffs and member who came and went back them, i wonder what they’re doing right now…

I really have no idea what any of them are doing now. The guys who left my crew have never contacted since leaving.

Whats that about?

No matter what the reason, if you end up leaving my crew and you’re bothered to keep in contact, even if you’re scraping algae wouldnt you show your face on grounds of the friendship you’ve built with GACKT?

Thats why i live while thinking only of the friends who are with me now.


And so, thats why I want to continue living for the G-LOVERS who follow me all me way.

Thats the way i’ll live.

Of course, some will probably say thats cold but i’m not here to please everyone.

First, have confidence in GACKT and I will pour my energy into these friends and family.


The point isnt to say useless stuff like whether such a way of living is good or not.

“This is GACKT!” is what its called.

It simply comes down to this single phrase.

In a world where lots of rumours circulate, don’t live an irresponsible life of being so involved in other’s business.

Their business is their’s.
You are you.

Isn’t it more important to put effort into creating your own prosperity?

Isn’t it time to graduate from a life that revolves around the nonsensical news in those weekly magazines?

It’s a more interesting life going that way.

That’s GACKT’s guarantee.

My name is GACKT.
The motto is Mr. Vitamin-G.

You probably need some form of medication right?
I’ll be your Vitamin-G.
Doesn’t that feel good?